What is Abbie Lane like now and how will it change in the future?

Our prayer is that the basic philosophy will not change: it is a place for ministers to do business with God and to connect with their spouse. The physical place is a work in progress. On 80 plus acres, we have built the main house, called The Raven’s Nest. It is a place where informal gatherings and meals take place. Three cabins have been built. They are in a wooded area but not rustic, simply in nature. The Spears Chapel is a private worship area that features beautiful pews, stain glass, a large community bell mounted in its steple.  Near the entrance there is a burning bush that is ignited as you approach as well as a uniquely designed cross, called The Empty Cross.  One additonal building is under construction: a multipurpose building. The future will also see two primitive buildings (no water or electricity) out in the wooded back section of the property. Currently nine prayer gardens have been developed with three more under construciton.

Spiritual Points of Connection

Each of these physical places is a place to interact with God about a specific point of spiritual need, including:

  1. RESOLVE – on surrendering the heart, mind and soul to the will of God
    (The Gethsemane Prayer Garden)
  2. RETURN – to that love relationship with the Lord you once had
    (The Cross)
  3. REVELATION – to embrace victory for all things through the resurrection of Christ
    (The Empty Tomb)
  4. RECOGNIZE – the presence of Jesus in the ordinary journey of life
  5. REFLECT – in thankfulness that God leads into new ventures of a spiritual journey with Him regardless of the past
    (Oak of Moreh)
  6. REFOCUS – attention from the distractions of the world to your spirit, mind and soul in meeting God
    (The Jesus Labyrinth)
  7. RELEVANCE – OF God's word is critical to your spiritual journey
    (The Ten Commandments)
  8. REJOICE – on defeating the enemy after prior defeat by the enemy
    (The Ebenezer Stone)
  9. REMEMBER – the miraculous works of God on a personal level
    (The 12 Memorial Stones)
  10. RENEW – faith and a desire for God’s provisions
    (Mt Moriah)
  11. RECOMMIT – to family as a priority and need of life
    (The Buckman Family Prayer Garden)
  12. RESTART – the heart and spirit of ministering to others as a servant
    (Basin & Towel in Spears Chapel)
  13. RECEIVE – a fresh word from God to be a dedicated servant of the Lord and His sheep
    (The Burning Bush)

Who is welcome to stay at Abbie Lane and under what circumstances?

Is it denomination-specific? Abbie Lane Retreat Ministry is open to all licensed and/or ordained ministers of all Christian denominations (or non-denominations). This is not to be used for a vacation spot. No children (except those being nursed) or pets are allowed.

Are there any fees associated with my stay?

No fees – absolutely, totally free. All room and food expense is underwritten through a faith based ministry commitment. All you have to do is get here. We will even arrange picking you up at the airport in Shreveport or Natchitoches Louisiana.

If I decide I’d like to make plans to stay, what should I do? For what period of time should I plan to stay?

In order to attend Abbie Lane, first fill out the Registration Form you will find on-line at this site. Next, you will be vetted according to our admittance guidelines. Finally, if you have met the requirements to schedule a stay, an agreed upon arrival date and planned duration will be established. You will be contacted by the Director of the Abbie Lane Retreat site. A guest may come for one night, one week, or longer – up to three months.

If I want to make plans for my leadership team, what should I do? How many individuals can Abbie Lane accommodate from my group? For what period of time may we use the facilities? Are there any fees associated with hosting a group retreat?

Contact the Directors for a date and use clarification. We have accommodations for three cabins and two rooms, each contains a queen bed. When our multipurpose building is built we will have the capability to handle group sleeping in an open room concept (1200 sq ft). Facility utilization time frame is open for negotiation. There is no charge for individual ministers.  But church leadership groups are asked to give a donation.  

What will my days be like? What are the grounds like, who will be there, what kinds of ‘programming’ (if any) is there? What kind of spiritual counseling is available?

There is no programming as such. The concept is that each person, or couple, will walk the trails to the various spiritual points on their own time schedule. The goal is to meet God and to allow God to minister and speak. There is no professional spiritual counseling available on site. However, we have a Texas based counseling group who will take all needful ministers from Abbie Lane and work with them through their internet counseling service.  In additon we have a prayer ministry team who is available upon formal request; this would need to be scheduled. Part of the value of the environment is the allowed time to interact with other guests and the directors and/or Host/Hostess.

How are meals, laundry, etc. handled?

Guest are given breakfast food to prepare for themselves on their own time schedule in the cabins. The other two meals are prepared by the directors and host/hostess and eaten in fellowship at The Raven’s Nest. A laundry facility will be available in the multipurpose building.

Abbie Lane Retreat Center

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