Why an Abbie Lane Retreat...

Abbie Lane Retreat is a ministry for all ministers of all denominations for the purpose of experiencing a renewed spiritual encounter with God; a place to refresh oneself in the word of God; a time of deliberate attention given to one’s spouse. We are pleased to provide these opportunities through the means of a comfortable and cozy cabin; an intimate and picturesque chapel; prayer trails that lead to biblical based prayer gardens plus shared mealtimes with enlightening and safe fellowship. There is no cost, all food is provided (except for personal snacks), there is also provided a wireless fiber optic internet service, but no TV. You will also need appropriate clothing for walking wooded trails that will lead you to the prayer gardens.

Abbie Lane is a place for those who simply need a private place to escape to so there can be sermon preparation, church calendar planning, project work, spiritual renewal and/or marriage refocusing. Or Abbie Lane could also be used by those who are stressed out and need a place for respite. It is a place for writers to write and/or for readers to read. It is a place for renewing intimacy and/or strengthening an already strong marriage. It is a place where visions are encountered, missions are clarified and goals are set. Since we believe Abbie Lane is holy ground, it could possibly be that place where you meet God. Does this sound like a place you would like to spend some time? If so, then…

Fill out our registration form. Give us three possible dates. Give us references for we vet everyone that attends. Why do we vet? We do not want dangerous people in the cabin next to you.

Abbie Lane Retreat Center

7581 Hwy 71
Coushatta, LA 71019

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