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Abbie Lane Retreat is a safe place for all ministers of all denominations to come for the purpose of rest, relaxation and refocusing on their calling and vision from the Lord. There is no cost to our guests. This is a faith venture to which we trust in the provisions of the Lord.


In order to be a guest at Abbie Lane, we have a few requirements:

  • Be a licensed/ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Attend if possible with spouse
  • Register as early as possible below
  • No pets are allowed
  • No children allowed except those being nursed by the mother
  • If there are special dietary needs, you provide your own food for that need
  • Agree to background check

All food is provided by Abbie Lane. Breakfast food is given for your own preparation on your time basis in the cabin. All other meals will be shared at The Raven’s Nest at designated times.

  • Please bring medical information for emergency needs; inform us of special conditions.
  • Please do not operate any equipment without permission.
  • Alcohol and tobacco use is not allowed.

Our desired results are that you do business with God and to connect with your spouse.

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Abbie Lane Retreat Center

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