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Spiritual Training

Wayne SpearsSeptember 14, 2018 • 44 Comments
In 1 Timothy 4:9-10 Paul restates the value and importance of training ourselves for godliness.  He tells us that this saying is “trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance.”  He goes on to say that it is “to this end we toil and strive.”  This is our calling as Christians in life.  I have talked to so many believers who are looking for that utopia moment of spiritual grandeur, only never to find or fulfill that moment.  Paul tells us in this passage very clearly: our goal as a Christian is to train ourselves for godliness.  It should be fully accepted as a goal of our lives.  This is what we are to strive for.  This is the end to which we are to work.  In other words he is telling us it is all about preparation and not planning.  We keep trying to plan for the future; plan for some great moment; plan for a spiritual achievement.  The truth is, we should be about the business of not planning but preparing.  We need to prepare ourselves for godliness.  When we become the godly person God desires for us to be, He will then use us for His glory.  We do not have to plan for the work of God when we prepare for the working of God within us toward godliness.  My friend, preparation takes priority over planning.  Prepare!

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